MP Squared is a firm of leading business consultants and behavioural scientists. We help you to get Excellence from your most important asset – your people!

We are the science behind talent and resourcing; we enable you to define and measure what excellence looks like in your people and then use behavioural science to replicate that in your new hires.

Why are your top performers excellent? Do you know why some people you hire don’t work out?

We believe companies can be predictive in their resourcing and move from hindsight to insight. We help you focus on the proven indicators of future performance and help become more reliable and remove bias through the application of leading psychological methods.

We quantify what excellence looks like and make sure the successful candidate aligns to the company’s values and culture. We understand their motives, behaviours and measure their intellect. It’s proven that people are more successful, mis-hires are reduced and productivity increases when these techniques are applied and those elements considered.

By partnering with MP Squared you are committing to transform your performance, culture and employee engagement.