About Us

MP Squared exists to:

  • Allow companies to be predictive in their resourcing and move from hindsight to insight
  • Align culture and values, making sure employees ‘fit’ your business is key to retaining talent
  • Remove unconscious bias and predict performance
  • Disrupt dysfunctional resourcing practices and show a more scientific, reliable way to predict employee performance
  • Save companies money, many don’t realise the negative impact mis-hires have on culture and reducing financial performance

MP Squared enhances talent pipelines and resourcing methods. We are committed to providing our clients with bespoke solutions that are underpinned by pioneering research to fulfil their needs.

Philosophy & Values

The MP Squared philosophy is simple, we believe your company will outperform your competitors if you fill it with the people most suited for success.

Our mission is to partner with organisations that put their people at the heart of everything they do. We identify and quantify Excellence within your employees. Once we have this blueprint for Excellence, we impartially hire people with the same DNA for success.

At MP Squared we pride ourselves in being an integral component to our clients’ success and achieve joint business goals. The way we operate and manage talent identification and resourcing is embedded throughout, as if we are part of your business. That way we are truly connected and accountable. We identify your unique people challenges and diagnose with absolute honesty the issues you face.

We act professionally and honestly. All our work is carried out in accordance to standards set out by the British Psychological Society Code of Conduct.