MP Squared Solution

Einstein defined doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result as insanity. We agree and feel the selection methods employers are using are insane.

Einstein also proved E=MC2. Well we have created E=MP2 to end the insanity in resourcing and offer a different and better solution. E=MP2 is our unique and consistent process to identify, quantify and capture Excellence within your staff performance. We help you recognise and capitalise on the strengths of your business and foster a culture of ongoing success.

Our service is bespoke, as each company has its own unique challenges. We partner with you to overcome those challenges and support you throughout. We go deep beneath the surface to identify complex behavioural, motivational and intellectual capacity, to uncover the real DNA of the successful people in your organisation and proven indicators of future performance.

MP Squared removes assumptions and intellectually quantifies what drives Excellence in your business by deploying proven psychological methods.

We link the most reliable indicators of future performance into your business’ specific commercial drivers using the MP Squared Model of Excellence, or what we refer to as our ‘employee performance onion’. We peel back the layers and look deep into the DNA of what makes your top performers to help predict future Excellence.

We work in partnership with you to use that information to enhance your resourcing strategy. We take the guess work out of talent selection with our evidence based practices that are proven to deliver more reliable and effective results.

E=MP2 is an integrated approach that increases productivity and profitability through effective matching of your businesses unique attributes to the management of your talent pipeline. Once we have the blueprint for Excellence, we can filter and hire people with the same DNA for success in your business.