What if we hired the right person every time?

I realise that selection methods are not 100% accurate. We can try our hardest, use our most reliable and valid tools and techniques, properly train our interviewers, use amazingly designed assessment centres, situational judgment tests, work sample tests, realistic job previews, presentations and psychometric testing, yet we still can’t be absolutely 100% sure that the candidate is right for our business. We are, after all, dealing with humans and all the psychological research in the world is not going to be able to predict human behaviour correctly each time as we are all incredibly unique!

However, let’s imagine, (humour me) that we could select the right person for each role, every time. What would this mean for Human Resources?

Employee Engagement – people would already be engaged. Happy & fulfilled in their roles and able to contribute to organisational objectives. There would be no need to spend £££’s on Employee Engagement Surveys.

Organisational Design & Development – the right type of people would have the right behaviours, skills and be able to perform. They would have a high level of resilience and would be able to adapt to changes in organisational strategy (taking out the need for massive change programmes). Also, they would ‘fit’ the culture, meaning that the culture would be awesome! So… not a huge amount of work needed here.

Employee Relations – this is the big one… employees would be less likely to need to go through performance management, disciplinaries, grievances etc. (This assumes that as well as the new employee being wonderful, the employer needs to behave themselves too).

Performance & Reward – we’ve recruited excellent people, being excellent we expect they’ll be high performing (but it would be nice to reward them well and recognise them for the work they’ve done!)

Learning and Development – there would be less of a need for training due to poor performance, but more on building additional capability, creating a learning culture and coaching. L&D budgets are the first to get chopped when times are less than great, which is sad, because opportunities for development are, in my humble opinion, crucial to attracting the right people to your organisation in the first place! *INSERT MORE MONEY HERE TOO PLEASE*

Recruitment & Talent Management – certainly there would be less recruitment. We would not need to replace people we have performance managed out or those who have left as the role was  not right for them, etc etc. HOWEVER, more talent management would occur (this IS a good thing!) How do we develop the highly talented people we have, keep them, promote and keep them challenged?

Let’s get back to reality…

Well, that was all a lovely daydream. I could probably write a book (I hope to one day!) about how to make selecting the right people more reliable/accurate/enjoyable etc. Selection is the most important part of the employee life cycle. If you get the right people in, you minimise the need for future interventions with that employee.

Recruiting the wrong person can be costly, and it often has more impact the more senior the position you recruit for. Why then, is recruitment often seen as the poor relation in the wider Human Resources team? Does your HR often exist to sort out the ‘mess’ caused by ‘adequate’ recruitment?

Today I will leave you with one final question… Why are many organisations not investing money to get their recruitment and selection processes right?!

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