Dr Philip PercivalCommercial Director

Areas of Expertise
  • Resourcing strategy
  • Business transformation
  • Business development
  • Talent management
  • PhD, University of Newcastle
  • BSc, University of Newcastle

Phil is an expert in transforming operations of major UK business’, delivering a greatly enhanced client experience with significant cost benefits and profit. His ability to get to the heart of issues allows him to create and deliver solutions for his clients. This structured, no-nonsense approach is probably what drove Phil to undertake a scientific research based PhD early in his career.

Since then Phil has been repeatedly recruited into leadership roles in the resourcing industry where he has been instrumental in growing and developing relatively small companies and its people to achieve enviable reputations in the market.

Phil is a recognised thought leader and has been chosen to write several industry papers and present at multiple industry events; including the Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group, Carbon Connect Launch and Modus. Both looking at how to address resource shortages in skill-short markets.

Phil has experienced first-hand the successes and frustrations commonly seen within the resourcing marketplace. He has set several billing records and was the leading biller for an AIM listed recruitment company. He has been exclusively selected for secondment by a UK technical company, to develop and implement their inhouse talent strategy. There he achieved high levels of success and was instrumental in building the resource capability such that they became the European wide leader. Phil has also worked with multiple other companies to redefine their leadership and create organisational culture redesign. He has done this both through internal change capability or aligning talent to the existing cultural environment to maximise development.

Away from the office, enjoys good food and fine wine. When away from London Phil likes to spend as much time on, in or under the sea.

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