Leadership Team

  • Michelle Minnikin

    Co-Founder & Delivery Director

    As a Chartered Business Psychologist, Michelle designs and implements bespoke solutions to attract,...

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  • Dr Philip Percival

    Co-Founder & Commercial Director

    Phil is an expert in transforming operations of major UK business’, delivering a greatly enhanced...

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Our Story

We first met when we were on opposite sides of the fence, Michelle working in internal resourcing and Phil a supplier. We both found in each other someone who was a bit different from the norm (in a good way!) and who cared about the quality of the candidates they were speaking to and had a passion for ensuring selection was done properly, despite pressures to get candidates in front of the hiring managers quickly.

After becoming increasingly disillusioned by many of the practices we saw in resourcing, we sat down to analyse the root cause of our frustrations as we knew there was a better way to do things.

We believe that hiring excellent people is the most important differentiator between a good and a great company. Also, we have both found that organisations do not spend enough energy on really understanding what excellence looks like in the job and then ensuring that candidates are measured against that.

We have also been surprised by the lack of attention to onboarding. Considering recent statistics revealed that a staggering 45% of new hires failed within 18 months, we were astonished that many companies didn’t monitor mis-hires, or their impact on lost revenue and reduced productivity. We feel companies are not using their mis-hires as learning opportunities and so keep making the same mistakes.

We realised that for companies who really cared about getting the right people into their organisations we could become trusted partners and help them with this. That’s why we decided to use our shared interest, knowledge and passion to create MP Squared.